South Dakota DisasterIf you want to send a tax deductible monetary sponsorship for a heifer or expenses with transportation & handling, North Central RC&D of Pierre, South Dakota, will be handling these funds. Please make checks payable to North Central RC&D. Please put ‘Heifers for SD’ in the memo line of the check. If you would give a clear return address, a receipt of your donation will be sent to the donor.


Mailing address is : North Central RC&D / 800 W Dakota Ave  / Pierre, SD 57501


The extreme loss of livestock and livelihood of fellow ranchers is something which many ranchers are choosing not to ignore.  Heifers for South Dakota was founded on the premise of helping replenish the herds of those affected by the swift and devastating fall blizzard “Atlas.”

The storm started with a couple of inches of cold rain which then changed to heavy snow driven by hurricane force winds with gusts of 80 mph recorded. Some areas were covered by four feet of snow. When it was over, South Dakota had suffered the most destructive early autumn storm ever recorded. The result was a massive loss of livestock for western South Dakota’s small family ranching operations. Cattle were still on their more exposed summer pasture. There was no time to move them in the face of the storm, which was not predicted to be severe. They also had not grown their protective winter coats yet. The rain soaked them to the bone and then the snow and wind sapped their body heat until they died of hypothermia, exhaustion, or suffocation in a snowbank.

As one farmer/rancher shared:

One of the greatest gifts I experience as a rancher is being front and center for the beauty and bounty that God provides. But one of the most difficult aspects of ranching is having the same front-row seat for the trials that God presents, and experiencing firsthand just how powerless we are as humans.  read more…

The devastation that sometimes comes as part of our experience of life on the ranch cannot be overcome by an individual farmer alone. But by working together, bringing in helping hands and making a difference for the world over, just one helping hand at a time, WE can make a difference and help others get back on their feet – EVEN if they must start over to do it.

We are seeking the donation of live animals to help South Dakota ranchers rebuild their herds.

The donation of a bred cow is an investment in your fellow rancher’s future.  A quality young female is something that, Lord-willing, will go on to be a blessing in the years to come.  A single animal doesn’t matter much. It’s just a drop in the bucket. But a bucket can be filled by individual droplets.  And folks, our pail is already starting to get a little slosh to it.

We’ve got two ways of giving: a donation of quality-type breeding stock or monetary donations to help cover the expense of fuel/transportation and other such costs involved with getting these cattle to the folks that need them, as well as the purchase of animals.

  • Our stipulation on cattle donations is that if they are something you would be proud to own, we will take them, anything from weanling heifers to bred seven year olds.
  • Our challenge to the donor is to give the best that you have, let’s make it a good gift.
  • We now have the capability to receive monetary donations through a secure payment processing site. Please click the “Donate Now” button on the right of the screen if you would like to make a donation. $100 will transport one animal for 500 miles.
  • To pledge cattle there is a list of organizers on the contact us page. If there is no organizer in your area, please contact Ty Linger: heifersforsdakota@outlook.com   (406) 351-3716