Contact Us

Jeff and Lory Scott – (620-546-6304)
Matt and Cassie Winters – (563)767-2435
Western – Dan Madsen, (712)790-0940
Jeff and Lory Scott – (620-546-6304)
Heidi Doering-Resch – (605)999-8564
Jeff and Lory Scott – (620-546-6304)
Absarokee – Cindy Green, (406)328-4414
Baker – Steve and Kim Bruski,
Bozeman – Holley Woosley-Vennes,
Carter and Fallon Counties – Steve and Kim Bruski,
Chinook – Alisha Burcham and Rene Brown,
     Facebok page: MT Ranchers Paying It Forward
Circle – Keri Lee Taylor, (406)485-2869
Dillon – Hope Kincheloe, (406)320-0060
Glendive – Janice Kruger, (406)939-1482
Great Falls – Jill Lorang,
Melstone – Willie Collins, (406)358-5020 cell – (406)853-0273
Miles City – Tracy Hauk, (406)951-3211
Shelby – Jeff and Nanna Flesch, (406)337-3402
Stacey – Tracy and Becky Anderson, (406)784-2844
North Central – Doug and Kim Shepperd, (605)469-5533
Central – George Arbuthnot, (308)440-3132
North Dakota
Western – Joey and Jen Kessel, (701)575-2230
                 Erin Brurud, (701)570-4665
Central – RD Andes, (701)898-0384
Sentinel Butte – Judy Johnson, (701)872-4769 dougandjudyjohnsonranch
Jeff and Lory Scott – (620-546-6304)
South Dakota

Winner – Ben and Amy Pravecek, (605)390-4241

South Central – Doug and Kim Shepperd, (605)469-5533

Guy and Joyce Thayne – (435)454-3657
Albany County – Heather Alexander, (307)760-5974
Campbell County – Lindsay Wood, (307)670-0171
Casper – Keith and Wendi Lankister, (307)436-7149
Crook County – Dave and Misty Reynolds, (307)756-2914 (307)756-2519
Evanston – Aaron Martin, (307)679-4703




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    • The easiest way to donate is to click on the “donations and support” button on the top of this page and then click on the “donate” button on the right side of that page. You’ll need a credit card.

  1. This blog post, “Contact Us | Help for South Dakota” illustrates
    the fact that u really fully understand everything that
    u r speaking about! I thoroughly am in agreement.
    Thanks ,Freda

  2. Thank you so much for reaching out, and loving your neighbors. This is a wonderful example of how the Bible says we are to care for one another!

  3. I donated money through the donate button on this site. On my credit card statement it is listed as I have not received any receipt from them for donation tax purposes. Will they send that to me or your organization.

  4. Hi! We are a small registered red angus ranch in Oregon, we would live to donate a January 2013 registered heifer. I looked at your list of contact people and there doesn’t show anyone in Oregon. Is there anyone shipping from here?

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